Uganda Law Society calls for extraordinary general meeting to establish healthcare and benevolent fund.

Kampala, Uganda.

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has issued a notice for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM) to be held on Friday, 18th August 2023. The meeting aims to seek the resolution of ULS members on the establishment of a Uganda Law Society Health Care and Benevolent Fund. This fund is proposed to address the welfare needs of legal practitioners and contribute to their well-being.

The proposed Health Care and Benevolent Fund aims to provide a safety net for members of the legal community in times of need. By creating a dedicated fund, the Uganda Law Society seeks to enhance the welfare of legal practitioners and their families, ensuring that they receive essential support during challenging circumstances.

Considering the financial implications of holding a physical meeting, the Council has opted for a virtual Extraordinary General Meeting. This decision is meant to reduce costs and allow selected ULS members, Council members, and the Uganda Law Society Health Care and Benevolent Fund Committee to attend the meeting either physically or through virtual channels.

The Uganda Law Society encourages members to actively participate in the meeting by submitting their queries and any other matters they wish to raise at least 24 hours before the EOGM. This proactive approach allows for the efficient compilation of information and ensures that all concerns are addressed during the meeting.

The convening of this Extraordinary General Meeting is in accordance with Section 15 of the Uganda Law Society Act, Cap. 276. The Act stipulates that the Council shall convene a general meeting of the society, either annually after the 31st day of December or at any other time as deemed necessary.

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