Jural TV Live

Enjoy the court’s grand theatre on the go! Our live stream brings you unfettered court proceedings of various high-profile cases and other law and justice-related events that impact access to justice in the country.

The Chat Room

The Chatroom is a lounge for discourse, where guests speak about legal matters without hesitation. Views from various scholars and practitioners alike, on legal matters that impact our society.

The Outlook

For complex topics, there’s Outlook. Outlook brings you experts that will have you hooked, breaking down complex legal matters to make them clear. Outlook makes the legal jargon disappear.

Street Law

Street law is the epitome of the public view. Random folks, expressing their understanding of legal matters. Street Law brings you the public’s unfiltered interaction with no bias.


Reflection gives a personal and up-close insight into the lives of distinguished personalities in the justice sector. Profiling of personalities allows you to get a deeper knowledge of how distinguished legal careers have been developed, and how people’s life paths have influenced various legal issues.

Expert View

The expert view is short and to the point. An expert’s view on a particular topic is delivered in seconds.  


In Shorts, 45-60 seconds will do. A snapshot of decisions issued by various courts of law or other quasi-judicial organs. Judgments and issues on the spot, brief and snappy, they’re worth a shot.

The Flip Side

The Flip Side provides an alternate view. When justice seems unjust and untrue. Stories that tell a different tale of the justice process.

Weekly and Monthly News Update

The Weekly and Monthly news are a roundup of law and crime events that have made headlines. If you missed a story during the week or month, our weekly and monthly updates bring you up to speed and leave you well-informed.


The fun side of the law comes to life in our drama series. Based on real-life events, legal matters are dramatized in style to keep you well informed and entertained.