Reported by Sandra Ainebyoona

After three years of being on remand on charges of aggravated robbery, Ntege Eric and another have been released from prison. The High Court judge, Lady Justice Mutonyi, dismissed the case against the two men and ordered their immediate release, stating that they were victims of malicious prosecution. The complainant, Sseguku, who had made a police statement, never appeared in court to testify against the accused persons and now claims to know nothing about the case.

The judge also ordered the arrest of Sseguku on charges of malicious prosecution against the two innocent men. Additionally, she stated that the two victims should be compensated for damages of fifteen million Uganda shillings each (15,0000,000) by Sseguku. This case highlights the issue of malicious prosecution and its dire consequences on individuals who are wrongfully accused and detained for years. The judge advised the two victims to assist the police in finding Sseguku so that he is punished for the pain and torture he caused them during the three years.

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